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Weekly Specials

Top Dressing
This process is the catalyst toward achieving a level lawn. We use state-of-the-art commercial mowers to scalp your lawn down to prepare for a correctly administered top dressing. These mowers are designed to cut grass down deep into the bumps and divots in your lawn allowing the top dressing material free unobstructed passage to these areas to further promote a high quality leveling experience. Our golf course grade top dressing equipment is then used to apply a superb blend of a compost and riversand mixture in a universal fashion across the turf area. Learn More

Spring Scalping
Spring Scalping is the process of scalping the lawn down to remove the dead and dormant parts of the leaf and thin out the thatch layer at the beginning of the growing season. We use state-of-the-art commercial Walker Mowers to scalp your lawn down and bag up clippings and debris from the turfThe clippings are then removed from the site and the lawn is cleaned up. Learn More

Core Aerations

Georgia lawns tend to have clay soils making them very hard and compacted. Our State of the Art Core Aeration Service was created to solve this problem allowing reverse compaction and a deeper rooting system for your grass.  Learn More